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Welcome! My name is Karlee (she/hers), and I’m a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher in Denver, CO. I believe in weight-neutral care for all bodies, and my work is done through a social justice lens. My aim is to make the work of healing relationships with body, food, and movement inclusive and supportive for all. I’m committed to your journey back to your moxie. Are you ready to get started?


Moxie Mind exists as a blend between two worlds: the black & white, factual science of nutrition and movement, and the free, subjective lived experience. Moxie, the ability to face challenge with courage, is the founding principle behind the work we do. Whether you’re recovering from an eating disorder or working on healing your relationship with food & body, you can harness the tools and skills to rediscover your moxie and step back into your life.




Together, we can explore what food freedom looks like for you and your body. Whether you’re a lifelong dieter or on the path toward eating disorder recovery, you can develop the skills to support your health without restriction. Sessions are offered in-office or virtually for both nutrition and yoga to best accommodate you.