What is Moxie?

Moxie is a state of confidence or even swagger, but it is also the ability to face challenge or difficulty with courage. At Moxie Mind, we’ll focus on cultivating your moxie as you flex your intuitive muscles on what well-being looks and feels like for you. Click here to watch a video explaining more about Moxie and the story behind Moxie Mind!

What’s a non-diet dietitian?

As a non-diet registered dietitian and body positive yoga teacher, I’ll help you to feel comfortable, confident, and well in the body you have right now. My promise to you is in providing excellent care and treating you like a human being, without emphasis on what your body looks like or a number on the scale. Diets don’t work, and if you’re fed up with them then working with a non-diet dietitian is for you!

I’m interested in a non-diet approach, but still have questions about my weight. Now what?

It’s totally normal to still be curious about weight loss, as we live in a weight-centered society. All of your feelings are valid, and in our work together we aim to break down harmful thoughts and behaviors to discover what being well really means to you. Working with me doesn’t mean you have to give up the desire to lose weight, but I do ask that it gets put on the back-burner as we work towards other aspects of your well-being.

How does virtual counseling work?

Virtual counseling is done through privacy-protected software to keep your valuable medical information safe and sound. Karlee uses a platform that includes a messenger system and video conferencing through a secure app that you can download on your phone or access via computer. Each session can be done from the comfort of your home, in your comfiest clothes. BYOC – Bring Your Own Couch! Schedule your free discovery call here!

How do I know if Karlee and I are a good fit?

By scheduling your free discovery call, you’ll not only get the chance to hash out your goals and desires, but get to know Karlee a bit more. At the end of the call you’ll both decide if things are a good fit and move forward from there. You can also learn more about Karlee’s story and background here.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

Anyone who has taken an online course/a nutrition class (or sometimes with no training at all!) can call themselves a nutritionist, but they are not regulated or monitored by any larger agencies, nor do they typically have a sound educational background in nutritional science. Dietitians, on the other hand, have completed at least a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, finished a 1,500 hour internship, passed the national exam, and become licensed in their state (if mandated in their state). Dietitians are regulated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, with mandatory continuing education requirements and are subject to disciplinary action or revocation of licensure for professional offenses. In other words, dietitians are the nutrition professionals you can trust!