The Science Behind Underfueling

This one is for the athletes out there! Whether you’re competing competitively or a weekend warrior, it’s important to understand how fuel impacts your performance and wellbeing. It makes sense that fueling to meet your exercise needs is good for your body, but what exactly happens when you restrict or don’t get enough in? Dive into the video below to learn more about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (aka RED-S) in all bodies, not just female ones. This is also a great example of what happens in the body during restriction from an eating disorder.

Want more of the science behind this research? You got it! Below are some graphics highlighting effects on performance and health concerns tied to RED-S. I’ve also included the research article here if you want to dive even deeper.

Questions about what’s here or what this means for you? Reach out! You know I love geeking out over this or being a friendly face to confide in. I’m rooting for you.

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