S A N K A L P A: the ultimate vow to yourself

It doesn’t have to be January to start thinking about big intentions you’d like to set for yourself. Similar to an intention you might set at the beginning of your yoga practice, a sankalpa is a vow to yourself to work toward manifesting. The difference is that sankalpas are BIG, and JUICY, and help you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER. You in??

Watch below to learn more about what the heck sankalpa means, how to make your own, and how it might help you to show up in big ways to your life. All you’ll need is a piece of paper and pen, plus some time for reflection. You’ll know the phrase when you find it (or it finds you!).

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what comes up for you during your writing! Feel free to share you sankalpa or just fill me in on what feels bubble to the surface. I’m rooting for you.

Questions about what’s here or what this means for you? Reach out! You know I love geeking out over this or being a friendly face to confide in.

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