Healthy Snacking

What counts as a healthy snack? As someone who’s considered herself an intuitive eater for the last 4 years, I was shocked a few months ago when I realized that I still had food rules around snacks. Sometimes the rules from diet culture are so internalized they’re hard to tease out!

In moments like this where I notice I’m being restrictive or rigid, I like to take a step back and think about how I arrived here and what it means. I also like to engage in “experiments” with myself. An example of how this showed up more recently is I noticed that I was hesitant to purchase Oreos. It felt like a silly purchase: I don’t love them, I hadn’t planned for it, and they weren’t “very nutritious.” So I made myself buy a new flavor I’d been eyeing (carrot cake, in case you were wondering - REAL GOOD). And you know what happened? At first, I ate quite a few. Ignored my hunger cues. Ignored what felt satisfying. In all accounts, likely overate them. And then you know what happened? I stopped wanting them. They became normalized. I bought another package of Oreos (dark chocolate this time - also REAL GOOD). And then a package of Chips Ahoy. And then allowed myself full permission to eat as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted.

After a bit, I was able to tune back into my internal cues to help regulate what felt most nourishing. Note that it didn’t happen right away! There are no quick fixes, but there are lasting impacts of intuitive eating, friends. All foods fit. All snacks are good snacks. All bodies are good bodies.

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