Calling on Our Divine Teacher Within

Whoa, it’s fall?! Whether you resonate with being in a transition season of your life right now or not, there is always room to let your inner light shine. Click below to watch this video on CHANTING - an ancient yoga practice that is said to help us connect back with our Selves much more deeply. You might choose to just listen to the words, sing along, or reflect on what the phrase means to you.

A break down of the sanskrit phrase:
Ong Namo —> calling on your highest consciousness
Guru —> teacher
Dev —> divine or subtle
Guru Dev Namo —> calling on the divine teacher within you to guide you

What does this phrase mean to you? How might you incorporate chanting into your yoga practice or everyday life? What comes up in your body when you go through this chant?

Questions about what’s here or what this means for you? Reach out! You know I love geeking out over this or being a friendly face to confide in. I’m rooting for you.

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