Body Changes: dealing with discomfort

Maybe you’re noticing your clothes fit a little tighter or that your body is changing in a way that feels uncomfortable. It can feel scary and hard to not know how your body will change or look…. and the diet and beauty industries LOVE that we HATE ourselves. Do you know how much less money we’d spend if we all thought we were great just as we are right now? Think about it.

The reality is that we cannot control our body size or shape. We cannot control weight. We CAN choose to take care of ourselves, which includes things like nourishing and satisfying foods & movement, self-care, mental health, disease management, medication adherence, managing healthful social relationships, and much, much more. The industries making money off of our distrust and dissatisfaction are banking on the idea that we will dislike the way our bodies look when they aren’t culturally acceptable, when they don’t fit in with what media portrays as “attractive,” and when we exist in a different size/shape than what we’re personally used to. Fat phobia and weight stigmatization also come into play, as we fear what it means to inhabit a larger body.

So, what do you do if you’re trying to embrace intuitive eating or recovery and your body starts changing in uncomfortable ways? Listen below for more insight, a grocery store analogy, and some helpful questions to ask yourself during this time of discomfort. The culture is the problem, not you. I’m over here rooting for you.

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