Viveka: discernment and clarity

This week’s theme for yoga classes has been the Sanskrit word, Viveka. It translates to “discernment” and to me, highlights a greater sense of clarity and focus. After all, if you’re able to discern what is necessary or essential and what’s not - doesn’t that provide more clarity in your life?

On the mat, this can look like a closer attention to sensations and details of the poses, sure. But it can also look like dropping back into the present moment. What if, right now, you chose to be present for just your next inhale? And then maybe you choose to stay present for that exhale. And it continues… the breath is a tether back to the present moment.

How else could Viveka show up off your mat? What else in your life could become clarified or honed-in on by allowing a release? If you’re part of the Moxie on the Mat club, we’ll dive into this on your mat this week during our virtual, body positive yoga class. If you’re not already signed up, click here to learn more! And don’t forget to use hashtag #moxieonthemat to keep us updated with how you’re using these videos!

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Namaste, friends.