Keep Your Sh*t Together: A Meditation

This is a quick and easy meditation that you can do from any seated position (or while hiding in the bathroom). Originally created for the holiday season, but also applicable to any time you feel like you’re losing your sh*t a little! You might give it a try in moments where you feel especially anxious or overwhelmed as a tool in your self-care toolbox. This meditation is intended for all, but may be particularly helpful for those struggling with an eating disorder or anxiety.

Some ideas on where to use it:

  • Before mealtimes, to help you calm down and tune into the experience

  • When ED thoughts are becoming louder

  • Before a big event, like a presentation, exam, or hard conversation

  • Before or after a therapy session

  • During yoga class

  • On your commute (but not while you’re driving!)

  • Before going to bed, to relax and settle in

  • ___________________

How do you use this on or off your mat? Use hashtag #moxieonthemat to share!

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