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I know this journey with your body has been a long one already. After all, there are messages all around us about “fixing” or “changing” our bodies. There are stories we have written about what it means to be in the body we have. There are things we have learned from loved ones, from friends, from peers. There are “rules” and “should’s” and “what if’s.”

I’d like to introduce you to a new concept: body peace.

Using powerful elements of yoga and the wisdom of your own lived experience, Body hOMe will help you to rebuild your mind-body connection. Often, this connection is lost through dieting or disordered eating, excessive exercise, or other means of distraction from the body. There can be a sense of mind and body being separate. Yoga, meditation, and group support offered in this cOMmunity can help to foster a more nurturing and empowering relationship with your own body.


Financial contribution: $300 for 6 weeks // Early Bird Pricing $260 (before September 14th). Scholarships available! Please apply here. Note: partial scholarships of $120 off are available ($180 total), and recipients must sign up by midnight on September 28th.

About you: Whether you're recoverED, currently struggling with your relationship with food and body, or are curious about fostering a more nurturing relationship with yourself - this is the place. Adults from all walks of life are invited to join, knowing that we each share the mission of creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

About the series: Each session will include 45 minutes of yoga and 45 minutes of talk within the group (9:30-11am Saturday mornings). There will be plenty of yoga mats and props available, or you're welcome to bring your own! No previous yoga experience required, and classes will be inclusive for ALL (shapes, sizes, gender identities, races, etc). Yoga styles will vary, but none are power vinyasa or extremely physical. Spots are limited to 10 participants total to maintain a comfortable group dynamic.

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Are you ready to feel comfortable and confident in your body?


Welcome! My name is Karlee (she/hers), and I’m a HAES®-Informed Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher in Denver, CO. I believe in weight-neutral care for all bodies, and my work is done through a social justice lens. My aim is to make the work of healing relationships with body, food, and movement inclusive and supportive for all. I’m committed to your journey back to your moxie. Are you ready to get started?