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So there you are, friend. My mini compilation of things that aim to send you back toward the path of Self. Is this an exhaustive list of every single thing that might help you reconnect? Hell no! But it might be a start. Even if you’ve tried one of these before, or maybe even if one feels especially uncomfortable or hard - I encourage you to try it out. Worst case scenario, things stay exactly as they are right now.

Other reflection questions: What’s been holding you back lately? Where could you use an extra bit of encouragement? Who supports you? How will you know when you’re off-track from your intention? What’s your big WHY for doing this?

I’m rooting for you.

p.s. What kind of person would I be to suggest this and then not do the work myself? I’m going on a journey of my own this month - to reconnect with my Self, nature, and whatever else might come my way. I’m still (loosely) available by email and am taking a few discovery calls, but will be traveling and living out of a van for the next 30 days! See you in October, friends!


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Sign up has started for the Body hOMe yoga + talk group this fall! If you’re in Denver, join me for this 6-week series on coming home to yourself. The early bird discount runs until September 14th, and there are partial scholarships available as well. We’ll maintain a small group of no more than 10 to ensure it’s a comfy and safe space for all. If you have questions about what to expect or how to sign up, feel free to reach out or click below to learn more!

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“Another definition of success: a reclaiming of who you were before shame threw a blanket over your light.”

-Emily McDowell (@emilyonlife)



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Food therapy and yoga classes available from wherever you are! Seriously. Any state, any home. Just have an internet connection and BYOCouch.

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