disordered eating, eating disorder

Are you fed up with emotional eating, calorie counting, constantly weighing yourself, measuring out food portions, and exercising just to lose weight? I’m here to tell you that you don’t need that diet. You can take care of yourself and feel comfortable in your body and make informed health decisions without restriction, shame, or drastic measures. In your work with Karlee, you’ll dive deeper into food rules you’ve created for yourself, underlying needs, plans for meals and snacks, and rebuilding trust with food and your body. All care is LGBTQ-friendly and inclusive.

Things you’ll focus on during counseling are:

  • Redefining your worth, without emphasis on your weight, size, or shape

  • Creating a peaceful relationship with food, movement, and your body

  • Noting established food rules, beliefs about food, and cultural messaging - and how to unlearn them

  • Detaching from diet culture