Body Positivity isn’t feeling positively about the way you look, but rather it is a social justice movement that extends to the ways we view all bodies - positively! You can learn more about the movement and where it started by clicking here or watch this video I made. The basic premise is that all bodies are good bodies. ALL.

At Moxie Mind, we want to make space for all shapes and sizes. Which is why all virtual and in-person yoga sessions, classes, and workshops are 100% Body Positive. Karlee won’t ever talk about your body like it’s something to change, there will always be modifications and options for yoga poses, and there is never, ever diet talk.

If you’re ready for a new kind of movement with an emphasis on what your body is capable of, you’re in the right place! No need to show off, just show up as you are.

Check out the Yoga Library for yoga and meditation downloads! Or request a personalized, one-on-one session with Karlee to learn the basics or dive deeper into your practice. Interested in having Karlee host a workshop? Click here! All care is LGBTQ-friendly and inclusive.